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Fitzdance @ Fitzroy Shorts

starring Outskirtz
in association with Ausdance for Australian Dance Week 2005

I have always enjoyed dancing and one of my favourite groups at the moment is actually a dance duo (The Town Bikes), so I was looking forward to the performance tonight by Outskirtz and the dance themed films for Australian Dance Week 2005.

From my own work with dancers I know that film is the perfect method to portray the message of dance in a way that photography alone cannot. I was willing to try though and wanted to see how Melbourne's only all-girl break group Outskirtz would perform. They danced during the intermission of the screening.

You may have heard of break dancing from the 80's and have a particular image of it as people spinning on their head on pieces of cardboard next to a boom box. Breakin' is an evolved form this method of dance that his heavily influenced by Hip-Hop fashion and culture. The moves also seem to be a lot more developed and smooth than you would expect from the usual break dance moves.

I almost forgot, there were some movies shown on the night also. My favourites for the night were as follows:

The Bowerbird
This was a great story of a human bower-bird who likes to collect objects to decorate his home and takes great pride in his appearance just like the preening bird himself. One day on a rummage through the tip he finds a mother and child and ads them to his collection. While he seems very happy with his new friends, the woman is not that happy in being collected. This is a really great film, as although there is no dialog, it is very colourful and noisy and the music is really great.

The Truth about Head
Ed the head runs a freak show and likes confronting people. He has a good woman in Sweet Marie and good friends Lobster Boy and Giant Clown. When he finally saves up enough money for his much desired body, he finds life as a normal person doesn't measure up. I really liked this movie because of the great characters and settings. The world of the carnival is a really rich source of stories and is a great idea for movies.

This short and sharp movie is a really great exercise in special effects and stunt work. You would expect to see such a scene in a hundred million dollar blockbuster, so it is amazing it could be achieved on such a small budget for the quality on display here.

I really enjoyed the movies at the screening and am looking forward to the next screening. Seeing the dancers perform has even interested me in attending some of the other activities during Australian Dance Week.

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