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Flyin' Saucers

Micawber Tavern, Belgrave
Saturday 13th August 2005

I normally don't like going to see bands at short notice, but I rang my friend tonight during her radio show and she didn't have anyone to go with her to see a band called the Flyin' Saucers all the way up in Belgrave. As I had to get the train to Heidelberg where she picked me up, we didn't get up there until after 10pm, but it was a nice drive. The highlights of it where my friend telling me not to look at her while she was putting her lipstick on using the rear view mirror (she said she would laugh) and having to tell her to stop at traffic lights as the Hillbilly CD she had on was making her drive fast.

As I don't have a car, I haven't been to any of the venues up in the Dandenongs, but there was loads of people there when we arrived and the band had just finished their first set. The place reminded me a lot of an old photo my parents have of themselves at a restaurant called "The Bellbird" that used to be in the same town.

The band played Rockabilly style music and had lots of people up on the dance floor including my friend who got to dance with the audio engineer for the band. It was fun watching her and everyone else dance. I also got to talk to someone about digital cameras and got the address of the lead singer of the band to send him a CD of the original photos.

Overall it was a really fun night and I will probably go again if my friend asks me as I know what it is like to have to go see bands by myself and not know anyone there. I hope she got home alright as she was worried she would get lost on the way back to her house on the other side of town.

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