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Fred's Love Premiere

The Pint on Punt
Saturday, 30th April 2005

It's hard to believe it has been almost two years since I first saw the premiere of 'Fred Sounds' at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Keeping with the great screening they had of that film at the Espy, the premiere for Fred's Love was held at the Pint on Punt as it has become a favourite haunt for Fred and his friends.

As I expected there were many of the regulars in attendance from Fred's gigs and even three of the Twits turned up to see the new film. It was a good attendance considering most of the promotion was through Fred's Pub Strip. Fred Sounds screened before the movie to refresh people's memory which I enjoyed seeing again on the big screen.

Fred's Love is a different movie to Fred Sounds as the former film had a definite storyline leading up to Fred meeting Brian Wilson. This movie was more artistic and surreal which was really good I thought. Fred did get to meet the Polyphonic Spree, but that wasn't really the main focus of the movie.

I have heard that there was some trouble in production, but I didn't notice it here as the finished product turned out extremely well. I am looking forward to getting a copy on VCD from the director so I can watch it again at home.

I enjoyed the music for this movie and I believe there was even some original music on the soundtrack composed by Paul Harrison which was really good. The Polyphonic Spree track at the end was also good and the concert footage of them was a surprise.


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