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Inflation - Punk Room, , Friday, 20th July 2007

I had meant to go straight to Ding Dong Lounge via a friend's bar in the city, but on the way there I sent Richo a text message and he rang me back asking me to come to his gig. I hadn't been to the venue before and the bouncers wouldn't even let me in the front door, so I had to go around the back (waving to all the strippers out the back of Bar20 having a fag in their matching blue bathrobes) and then up to the rooftop bar as another bouncer misdirected me.

There weren't many people for the Hybernators set, but I thought they played well and I will try to go see them after the film festival some time.

The Russian Roulettes, Six Ft Hick

Ding Dong Lounge, Friday, 20th July 2007

I arrived at the Ding Dong to find the Russian Roulettes in the middle or their set and I recognised the drummer from Legends of Motorsport who I haven't seen for yonks. They were great and did an excellent job of warming up the crowd for Six Ft Hick. After their set I went up the back to talk to Sarah and Guy and my other friends who came along on the night.

It was funny to see people putting their drinks and jackets on the stage, wooo boy....had they ever not seen this band before! There were already a couple of photographers capturing the band so I decided to take more crowd shots and chase Gentle Ben into the crowd. I would have thought it would be easier for them to get a wireless mic, but trailing the mic lead all over the place is half the fun.

It was funny to see the bar staff not even batting an eyelid when Gentle Ben mounted the bar and then launched himself onto the crowd and crawled his way back to the stage. The large number of ladies in attendance also enjoyed the show and would have torn the clothes off their boyfriends afterwards I reckon.

I don't have their CD as yet, but I am hoping they will release a live DVD as they would lose a lot of their impact if you just listen to the music without the antics to go along with it. I don't know why they haven't been on TV unless they are considered too dangerous and chaotic for most shows.

They are also touring Europe later this year where they should go down a treat as they have been over there before. I don't know if they are playing down in Melbourne again before then, but I will try to make it to their show if they are.


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