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Gary Adams' White Trash

Pint on Punt
Friday, 13th October 2006

I had meant to go straight to the Rock'n'Roll Wrestling, but Gary asked me to come and take photos of his band and I could always see the wrestlers and support band later. There weren't many people in the pub at the start, but by the end of the set there were heaps which was good to see.

Michael & Albert (pub regulars) enjoyed the Clip Clop Club a couple of weeks ago, so I will have to tell them about this band next time. It wasn't the same shirt Gary was wearing last time, I must have been seeing things.

Gary Adams' White Trash a slightly different more rocky style than the Clip Clop Club, but the songs are still great. I had heard them on the JVG Radio Method a couple of weeks ago, but I had gone to see Shonkytonk that day instead of going to the Lomond.

It is a testament to Nikon that most of these photos came out at all as I wasn't in a state to manually focus the camera (95% Spirytus is not for quick shots.)

I had to leave after their set to catch the end of the wrestling and the Twits. I will go to see Peter Lillie and the Leisuremasters soon I promise JVG! It was last time to see Freddy Fucking Fruit this year so I had to go.

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