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Good Shepherd's Circus Pie Classic 2007

Corner Hotel Kitchen Stadium
Sunday, 29th April 2007

Chefs: Macromantics, Kene Lightfoot, Linda Johnston, Lindsay MacDougal, Candy, Keisuke Nakamura (K-Rock), Lisa Miller, Dave Larkin, HollyC, Link Meanie, Paddy Donovan, Emily Ulman, Dan Kelly, Bob Log III, Angie Hart, Rebecca Barnard, Scott Owen, Ally Spazzy, Ron Peno, Andy Strachan

Judges: John Lethlean, Cath Claringbold, Andrew McConnell

Commentary Panel: Helen Razer, Clem Bastow, Matt Preston

Referees: Jason Evans, Jess McGuire

Entertainment by: DJ Mary M, Little Red, Six Ft Hick, Monkey Brigade, Joelistics, Wayfaring Strangers, Marawa, The Meanies, DJ Glenny G

I still remember the Town Bikes Cook Off at the Tote in 2005 as it was one of my favourite gigs that year and I have wanted to do something similar ever since as it was such a fun event. Thanks to Carla and her friends and for a good cause I got my wish with this event and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

There were a lot more people cooking this time and the bands played during each contest with breaks for commentary and updates from the kitchen on the main stage. The kitchen set-up was really flash this time and much better than my poxy galley kitchen in my flat.

It was great to see Six Ft Hick again as I keep missing them for some reason whenever they are in Melbourne. It was also great to finally see the Wayfaring Strangers after hearing Wagons play their song "Willie Nelson" all these years. Little Red also played well and I got to say hello to them later.

Hello to Toshi who was there to support K-Rock and I will try to get to some more of the bands you bring out in the future.

The cooking action was great and people seemed to be working to dishes from a set recipe with the except of Bob Log III who included a "secret ingredient" in his chicken dish (I still had some, it was fine!)

Even though I had already had a busy weekend with the Libertine Revue the previous night, I was still glad that I went. It is hoped that this event will be an annual one and will be even more popular next year. I will look forward to it then.


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