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Gatorbait CD Launch

Cornish Arms, Saturday 7th July 2007
with the Davidson Brothers, Suzannah Espie, Grant Costigan

Bonus performance by the Large Number 12s

I was surprised when Doghouse Dave said that Gatorbait were going to use some of my photos on their new CD as I had only seen them once so I decided to go to their CD launch also.

The Davidson Brothers were great and I haven't seen them for ages so it was good to see them again. I have to go and see some more bluegrass around town as I can afford to get a taxi home more often these days.

In the set break I dashed up the road to see a couple of songs of the Large Number 12's who usually play at my local. It was good seeing them in the front bar apart from the dickhead who kept throwing scrunched up balls of paper at me. Horse reckoned they should have played out the back as it was full of women drinking red wine who would have gotten their grove on when the 12's started playing. Also Horse's guitar lead fell out while he was and he didn't notice (I picked it up.)

Luckily I got back to see Gatorbait just starting and it was a great two sets of them playing their back catalogue with just the three of them and then the album tracks with special guests Suzannah Espie, Grant Costigan & Hamish Davidson. I would recommend going to see Gatorbait if you are a fan of traditional country.


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