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Girls in the Garage 2 - DollSquad EP launch

Ding Dong Lounge
Saturday, 12th February 2005
with Beanort, The Shimmys, Baby8, The Lovers, The Town Bikes & DollSquad

ACK! My head!
My nose!
My eye!
You think I would have learned from Friday night.
Even so, I wasn't going to miss this!
I had seen DollSquad at the famous 'Appetite for Variety' show last year.
Even though they only played a few songs.
I really enjoyed them and wanted to see them again.
As usual, I stopped in at the Pint on Punt on the way.
I don't know the new bar staff that much.
My favourite barmaid was working in the kitchen though.
I have a new restaurant I go to before shows in the city.
I had Hot & Sour soup for starters.
Then fried pork chop on rice.
It cost less than $10 for both.
The celebrations were still going in Chinatown.
I had another look.
A stall owner tried to sell me a pirated copy of 'Kung Fu Hustle'.
I have already pre-ordered it so I declined.
Even though it said doors open 8pm.
It wasn't until after 8pm they actually had someone on the door.
On entry I also was given a 'zine about the band DollSquad.
I thought it was very funny.
I hope the writer does more of them.
Had a look at the merch' table and the 'Graveyard Tramp' DVD stall.
I bought their EP later in the night.
The first band was Beanort from Canberra.
They played the usual rock.
I thought they were good, but there weren't many people in yet.
The Shimmys were up next.
They all had lovely shiny outfits that matched the curtains.
It was hard for them to hold their guitars as they were slippery.
I thought they were great and they even did a shimmy.
Baby8 were up next, they played a more hard rock style.
I hadn't heard of them before, but they good a good crowd reaction.
For a change they had Bebe Bombora as Mamie van Doren.
I thought it was funny and she looked really hot.
Gabi and Carla arrived during the set.
I went over to talk to them.
And knocked over someone's beer with my bag.
Luckily I had the money to buy them a new drink.
Next up was the lingerie fashion parade.
I tried to take pictures but I kept getting photos of backsides.
I only found out after my camera was zoomed in.
The person I talked to said 'Yeah, sure!'.
As you can imagine there was a lot of yelling during the show.
The Lovers were the second last band on the bill.
They played more excellent original rock.
I thought the lead singer was pretty.
The Town Bikes performed their 'smut filled cake routine'.
I thought it was great.
I showed the video of it I recorded to them afterwards.
They promised to do it again for me some time.
It is true that you are always the harshest critic of your own work.
Last band of the night was DollSquad.
The crowd really enjoyed them.
They have a really great style and play great rock and roll.
Look out for them around town.
Also their action figures are really cool.
I like how their are not in plastic cases.
If I could afford it, I would buy the whole set.
The next 'Girls in the Garage' is in four months time.
I am looking forward to it already!

Bonus videos!
Bebe Bombora as Mamie Van Doren (WMV, 29sec, 801kb)
Lingerie Parade 1 (WMV, 31sec, 780kb)
Lingerie Parade 2 (WMV, 24sec, 601kb)
Lingerie Parade 3 (WMV, 1min 8sec, 1.8Mb)