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Glennys Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys CD Launch

Retreat Hotel
Sunday, 17th December 2006

"Hot bald tight wet pussy!"

Christmas being the time of the year everyone decides to be as busy as I am usually, there were four gigs I wanted to go to at the same time. Glennys was decided on as I have enjoyed her work with the Toesucking Cowgirls and The Junes and wanted to see how her new band the Tamworth Playboys went.

It was great to see Gatorbait supporting as I haven't seen them since they were playing the rockabilly Sundays at the Bendigo hotel a couple of years ago. I had forgotten that Doghouse Dave and Paulie where in that band as I am used to seeing them in the Detonators now.

Glennys Rae's new CD is really great from the what I have heard and my favourite songs of the gig where Hot Pussy and Dirty Bird. It was good to catch up with Glennys before the show as she is very busy touring at the moment and won't be back in Victoria for a while.

When Glennys accidentally exploded her fiddle (I still don't know how, even Warren Ellis from the Dirty Three doesn't have this happen and he screams into his) I took to opportunity to go talk to Ilana on the door and she stamped stars onto my knuckles to cheer me up and improved one bloke's tattoos with some stars (I would get them tattooed if they were mine.)

The second set was also great and I was glad I stayed for it. I am sure everyone will be looking forward to seeing Glennys when she comes down next and I will try to get her CD then.

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