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Grand Final Day 2007

Flatfoot Shakers & Victorian Roller Derby League at the Edinburgh Castle
Stewy's Four Door Shit Box at the Retreat Hotel
Saturday, 29th September 2007

I was originally going to see the grand final at my local like previous years, but decided to cross town to try out another venue and because I wanted to meet the Victorian Roller Derby League participants. As it turned out not many people were there early and I even ended up going to get lunch down the road.

There wasn't really anywhere for them to skate so the league didn't do any skating and I was going to leave early due to the match being a whitewash, but my friend turned up and I ended up staying instead. I even got to introduce my friend to one of the organisers and she said she will consider joining.

The Flatfoot Shakers played well in the back room even though they started playing during the game. There were even a couple of dancers.

After the game my friend showed me the motorcycle themed Highway 31 bar that is her local and we went to the Retreat hotel for dinner. It was quiet when we started and packed out by the time we finished. Finishing off the night was Stewy's Four Door Shitbox in the front bar where I left my friend as I wanted to head home after being out all day.

Even though it turned into a good day, next year I will probably stay closer to home just so it is easier at the end of the day to get home afterwards.

Flatfoot Shakers

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