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Grand Final Eve 2006

with Hybernators, The Eggs, Trash Hearts
Pint on Punt
Friday, 29th September 2006

Grand Final Eve in Melbourne has always been a big night for me since I moved down to Melbourne with either a TISM or Spiderbait gig at the Hi-Fi Bar in the city the order of the day. In recent years it was with the Twits at the Pint on Punt and last year was a break with tradition where I just stayed at home for once.

Not wanting to do the same thing this year I was looking forward to the gig at the Pint on Punt as I am just about considering getting my mail redirected as it would be easier to pick up there.

The Hybernators played a great set, although I thought the footy fans and touring teams would have got into the 'footy' song a bit more. Richard wrecked another one of his t-shirts as usual doing the HULK moves at the end.

The Eggs got off to a slow start with Clayton South having trouble tuning his acoustic guitar. I don't know all their names as yet, buy there is Pierce Membrane and some other funny names in their group. The Twits are not playing any more gigs this year, but the Eggs will probably play a few to make up for it.

I thought the Trash Hearts were great and I even decided to stop taking photos so I could enjoy their set more fully. They have a great Andy Warhol-esque 60s mod-rocker style and a load of people including a few members of the Shimmys came to see them before heading off to Pony to see their set at the BLOW-UP gig later that night.

I did end up watching the Grand Final at the Pint the next day which was great also. Hopefully some of the people staying there over the weekend for the finals go back and tell their friends so they get more people in.

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