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Grand Final Eve 2008

Kretch, The Hybernators, Sons of Lee Marvin
Greyhound Hotel, Friday 26th September 2008

Grand final eve in Melbourne for another year and that means only one thing, a gig, hopefully a good one.

Unfortunately, I missed the gig that the Hybernators did at the Greyhound with a giant cardboard Dalek vs. the entire band room crowd a few years ago. I have made it up since then by going to see as many gigs by the band, including their last two gigs on two separate nights.

I didn't see that much of Kretch last time, but they definitely benefited having more space in the front bar and the lead singer got to jump around a lot more. They already have quite a few fans and I enjoyed the Yakult shots someone gave to all the band members, even though I didn't know what it was for.

I had written down the date for this gig not long after their last gig in July so I wasn't going to miss the Hybernators playing. The new guitar player is Jack, who seemed to fit in well in the band and I look forward to seeing him play more gigs in the future. Cheers to Mark from Sukie and the Devil who I talked to during the night. Yes, I do go to see a band sometimes if there are pretty girls in it (at least the first couple of times before I decide I like them musically.)

2006 was the last time I saw Sons of Lee Marvin, they only had one drummer at that time and sounded different. I have since seen the lead singer wearing a dress and appearing in the band the Plumes. The double-drummers really beefs up the sound and even though they had a lot of problems with amps blowing valves, bass strings snapping and cymbals falling over I still thought it was a great gig for them. Even some of the people who had come to see the ACDC cover band in the band room came out to watch and the place was packed. I will try to get to see them again soon.

Due to the grand final being the next day I left not long after the bands finished, I am sure everyone had a good time and I look forward to Mirage Kebabs reopening at the new car wash. There should be lots of nude runs through the car wash during summer at least.


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