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Grand Ole Twang

as part of the Spring Loaded series of shows
with the Grand Ole Boys, Van Walker, Wilson Dixon, Andre Camilleri and the Broken Hearts
RRR FM Performance Space, Saturday 14th November 2009

I was looking forward to this live show as the last time I was at RRR was for the radiothon a few months ago and it was great. ROOT! had played a couple of weeks ago in the same space, but I wasn't able to go.

As it was my birthday the next day it was also good to see this show as an early birthday present.

"Grand Ole Twang" was based on the well know Grand Ole Opry and the entire show was to be presented live including live reads for the sponsorship announcements courtesy of Tim Thorpe.

House band for the day were the "Grand Ole Boys" who were given the name during the course of the show and played songs in between the other bands.

Van Walker has a new album due out soon and played some new songs and some old favourites.

Special international guest for the day was Wilson Dixon who played some of his old classics.

The Cartridge Family with Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie, Andy Baylor and Rusty were funny as they only played songs about wanting to be single again after being married.

I hadn't seen Andre Camilleri and the Broken Hearts for quite a while, so it was good to see them again and they played well on the day.

The Grand Ole Boys finished off the day with special guests Sarah and Suzannah.

It was a great day and hopefully there might be able to be another similar one in the future. Cheers to Denise and thanks to everyone involved in putting the show to air.

Victoria Rocks

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