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Grande Ole Twang III

with the Grand Ole Boys, Cartridge Family, Those Darlins', Bear, Chris Altman & Que Paso, Bluestone Junction
RRR Live Performance Space, Saturday 18th December 2010

I had missed Grand Ole Twang II so I was really looking forward to this show. I even went to the Cartridge Family's warm up show the previous week.

Luckily I made it in time as I thought I would miss the start again, I arrived just as the Grande Ole Boys were singing "Y'all come" with the help of the audience, I would have liked to hear what it sounded like on the radio as it was great in the performance space.

It was good to see Those Darlins as I was not able to make any of their other shows in Melbourne due to being very busy already.

Chris Altmann & Que Paso were one of the highlights of the day and Sarah had fun dancing with them.

Bear from Texas played with the Grand Ole Boys and was well received. If I hadn't already been going to see Mick Thomas that night at the Corner I might have gone to see him at the St Kilda Bowling Club.

Bluestone Junction were also great and I do not know why I haven't seen them as yet.

Finishing off the live broadcast was a reprise of "Y'all come" by the Grand Ole Boys. I would have liked to stay and go have a drink at the Lomond with the bands, but I wanted to go down to see the Nymphs residency. I am sure everyone had a good time and I am looking forward to the next Grand Ole Twang.


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