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Graveyard Train

with Little John
Caravan Music Club, Friday 25th March 2011

I had missed Graveyard Train the last time they played at the Caravan Music Club as I had purchased tickets for Clare Bowditch's Cup Eve Show in August and didn't want to miss it. Even though the band who two Christmas shows, I decided to pass on them and wait for them to play in Oakleigh again.

It was good to see Little John again as I last saw them play at the Smith Kids Are Alright benefit last year at the Tote. They have a new album out and it should go well.

I had not had the chance to see Graveyard Train before but have seen Brothers Grimm who are friends of theirs so I was expecting something similar with this band. I was surprised that people got up to dance so early in the show and at it was the older members of the audience who were first up to dance. It turned out to be a really good gig and I am looking forward to seeing Graveyard Train again when they come back to Oakleigh.


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