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Fuck Fucks Barrels by Candlelight 2008

with Cold Harbour
Greyhound Hotel, Saturday 13th December 2008

I had been looking forward to this show, but after some very bad news about my friends I wasn't sure I was going to make it. I am glad I did though as it turned out to be one of the gigs of the year.

Cold Harbour played great and I was glad to have my camera with me this time. I will have to get their CD in the future along with Sons of Lee Marvin as I am sure they will both go great.

I was surprised to see Jesse Bates start bringing out drums, drums and more drums when setting up. By the time he finished there were 8 drums, 8 cymbals, the row of tinkly things, the big gong, two bongo drums and a couple more besides. You don't see that too often so that was another sign it was going to be a big night.

Fred taking his pants off up the front is nothing unusual, but a nappy being thrown from the crowd was unexpected (I don't want to know! At least it wasn't already used!) A Baby Jesus was also thrown up the front and spent most of the night in front of the drum kit.

The Fucks Fucks don't play that often these days so to see them with the full set up like this was a treat. They might have a few comedy songs, but they are a proper rock band as Jesse Bates and Dave Moll proved along with Tristan Miller, Paddy Chong and Kaos doing a guest spot. Dave Moll even sang a version of Chuck Berry's "Run Rudolph Run" and did the windmill wang with his guitar ala Tim Rogers.

You couldn't complain how long they played as it was three sets in one and they even did another song "Fight For Your Right to Party" after the pub switched on the "fuck off" lights and Fred played kick to kick with the audience using the Baby Jesus.


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