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Hornswagglers, Brigette Handley & the Dark Shadows, the Hybernators

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 15th March 2009

I had been looking forward to this gig for a while and had talked to Richard from the Hybernators quite a few times about it in the past few months.

The Hornswagglers went OK, but probably would have had a better vibe if they were playing on the floor in the old front bar, unfortunately it has been bricked up at the moment (rumours are Fred T. Farlowe is stuck in there.) I still liked them and have seen the other band a few of them play in, Cat Gut Mary before and they should do well on St Paddy's Day.

Unfortunately Brigette Handley had to leave early to make the last flight to Sydney on a Sunday night, so their set was a bit shorter. I thought they went well and Brigette should have gotten up on one of the podiums at the front of the stage like Carly as I am sure it doesn't hurt that much when you fall off it like Johnny Down the Pint did. It was great to hear about Brigette supporting the Stray Cats during their recent tour and hopefully they will get to go overseas again soon.

The Hybernators had an all-new line-up for this gig, even a trumpet player for "I put a spell on you". Was good to see they still decided to mess around and ended up in a big pile at the end. I was asked by several people what happened to the rest of the band, but I thought the new members went well for their first gig. I look forward to seeing the Hybernators playing in the future, whatever format they may be in.

Yes, the Karaoke Oscars were on after the gig, but as I am working at the moment and it takes me ages to get there, I decided to give them a miss this year. Gary, the regular Greyhound photographer was in attendance and I am sure some other people took photos.


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