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Runaway Boys, Greasy Hawaiians, Flyin' Saucers, Kooky Karaoke, The Band Who Knew Too Much

Greyhound Hotel/The Local
Sunday 25th January 2009

There was a lot of stuff on for the long weekend, but I had decided to stay closer to home and also had a friend coming along, which almost never happens. I was almost going to just go to see the Large No. 12's instead as I was worried about Fred taking his pants off in front of my friend, but thankfully that didn't happen.

As we went for a drink at the Pint on Punt, we arrived to see the last few songs of the Runaway Boys. They have had a lineup change since I last saw them and a lot of people like them, so good luck to them.

I know the bass player from the Greasy Hawiians, but don't remember going to see them. They played as a three piece on the day, but I thought they still went very well. I don't get to see instrumental bands that often so I thought they were great.

Depending on whether I get a job soon or not I will most likely be seeing the Flyin' Saucers more often this year than any other band as I have already seen them three times just in January. Applications now open for any other band that wants to usurp their title.

My friend also got up to sing at karaoke, which was great as it took me seven years to do similar. I had meant to leave after my friend had gone home, but I kept coming inside to look at who was singing.

Then, when I finally got on the tram, I got off just up the road as the Band Who Knew Too Much were playing at the Local.

Trying to be a smartarse, I rang up Jackie and had them play the "Swimming Song" down the phone, but she couldn't hear it. When I rang her back, I found out that Jackie and the crew had just arrived at the karaoke so I went back.

Supposedly the karaoke was meant to go until 1am, but the licence application hadn't been approved so they had to cut it off and kick everyone out at 12am. "Free Beer at the Prince!" was the cry and everyone went outside. The last I saw of Johnny Kicks was his arse hanging out the cab window.

Thanks to John and Jackie for sharing a cab ride home with me and hopefully it wasn't too hard to get Jackie out of the cab when she was asleep.


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