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Hard Drive Bluegrass Greyhound Hotel

Sunday, 22nd January 2006

This band came highly recommended, but I kept missing it for some reason or another when they played at the Greyhound. When my friend asked me to go see them with her I was really looking forward to it.

I had been sleeping in my flat to try and avoid the heat, and woke up late in the afternoon hot and thirsty. Travelling to the gig, I got to experience the delightful sensation of walking around in an oven while the north wind farted in my face. Thankfully, it was a lot better inside the venue and the band hadn't started yet.

Hard Drive Bluegrass are really great and even better when I found out that it is a family affair as one of the members also has his two sons in the band. Apart from the Almaboobies, I haven't seen many family bands playing in pubs around the place.

They played a really good first set and even made a concession to the heat by not playing too many fast songs. I thought the material they played was very good though.

My friend arrived after the first set and I met some of her friends that were there. During the break I also took the opportunity to go check out the BBQ out the back. The Barbie Master Fred T Farlowe was hot and cranky, so I took him out a beer after buying my sausage. My friend had fried onion sandwiches. I stayed for the second set with my friend, then we went off to see another band. Hard Drive Bluegrass is going to the Tamworth Country Music Festival this week and they are nominated in the bluegrass category, so I hope they do well.

Doug Mansfield & The Dust Devils at the St. Kilda Bowling Club

Sunday, 22nd January 2006

I hadn't been to see a band at this venue, so I was looking forward to seeing this band after hearing them play a track on a compilation CD that I have had for years. Thanks to my friend for driving me up to the venue as I would have melted in the heat.

There were quite a few people there, but most of them were outside due to the heat. My friend knew someone in this band as well, so I got to take some photos of my friend with my new camera which I was looking forward to.

Even though there were only three people in the room applauding after each song, I thought the band played really well. They play in a great laid back country style and I would try to go see them if they played again in another venue.

As we had gotten there in the set break, we only got to see one set and then went and had dinner. I had a really good time and both bands and it was good to go see two bands in an afternoon rather than staying at the one venue.

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