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Hank's Jalopy Demons at the St Kilda Bowling Club

Friday, 28th April, 2006

I hadn't planned on going anywhere this weekend after a very busy weekend last week, but after seeing my friend last night, she asked me to check what time Hank's Jalopy Demons were playing at the St Kilda Bowling Club that night.

After asking at the bar, I decided to go myself as I liked it there. The members bar is very comfortable as I found at later and drinks are at bowls club prices, even next door where the band plays. There were a few people there who I think just went for the cheap prices. I think that the bowls club could become my local if I went there often enough as it is right next to the No. 96 tram line I get to work.

I hadn't seen Hank's Jalopy Demons since the Chrome Daddies farewell show last month so it was good to talk to them and to meet Julie from Hi Ball Burlesque for the first time as I have been talking to her over email. Also I got to say hello to Mike, I showed my camera to and he took some photos to test it.

Considering how cold it was outside and that it started raining later, there was a reasonable crowd for a Friday night. I am sure that the Fridays and Sundays at this venue will take off once word gets out, especially since you can just take whatever money you have in your pocket and get drunk (I had 3 vodkas & 1 tequila with my friend.)

Hank's Jalopy Demons played very well and even had some ladies 'strolling' to their song as I saw last time. I also found out that I saw this band when they were playing as the Starliners a few years ago before Fred & Steve's karaoke at the Greyhound. I think my friend Ilana may have also been at that same gig, but I don't remember talking to her until a couple of years later, wasted years :-(

I am having a break from burlesque at the moment, but I will try to get to a show where Hank's Jalopy Demons and Hi Ball Burlesque play on the same bill as it would be a good show.

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