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Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Tribute

with the Maryhillbillys Trio, the Paddy Chong Orchestra, CW Stoneking, Tony Shaw, Dave Last
Greyhound Hotel
Thursday, 17th August 2006

I usually go to the Elvis Tribute night at the Old Bar at this time of year, but when I heard that this one was going to be held at the Greyhound I decided to go to it instead. I arrived a bit too early so I went up to the Pint on Punt and when I got back later the Maryhillbillys Trio was playing to fill in time.

One of the highlights of the previous Elvis tribute nights I have been to, CW Stoneking was up first with excellent backing from the Paddy Chong orchestra. It was a great idea to have the same backing band playing with different singers as it was easier to set up and the differences between each of the singers stood out more.

Tony Shaw did a great 50s style Elvis and looked the part with his Rockabilly hairdo and outfit. There were a few people dancing during his set which was good to see.

In between sets I went and had a chat to various people I recognised from around the scene.

Dave Last had the full leather outfit and did all the classic Elvis poses. Much to the delight of the people on table up the front, he even walked up to them and sang in front of them on his knees. There were heaps of people dancing by the end of the set and I am sure it finished well as I left with a few songs still to go.

It was a great night and I will try to go to more shows on a Thursday night at the Greyhound in the future. It is a lot easier for me to get to and from the venue and the drinks are cheap.

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