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Sarah Carroll's Home and Heart CD Launch

with the Psychadelic Wildmen, Chris Wilson and guests
Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Saturday 26th March 2011

I didn't know if I was going to be able to get to this gig as even though I have heard about all the great times at Piping Hot Chicken Shop, it is too far away for me and I am usually only down that way once a year for the Queenscliff Music Festival. Thankfully my friend Toby had recently moved to Ocean Grove and let me stay the night at his place, even picking me up and dropping me off at Geelong Station. The only thing I missed was a getting a chocolate milkshake from Cafe Rio in Geelong as they were getting ready close (next time hopefully.)

Arriving in what I thought would be plenty of time, I was surprised to see how busy it was already. Luckily I did not leave it any later or I wouldn't have gotten dinner. I would like to go back there one time when it is a bit less busy for dinner as I liked the chicken strips.

Support for the night and playing in candle light for Earth Hour was Chris Wilson with special guests George and Fenn. It was really fun and Chris got everyone to sing along, the last time I remember him doing that was when he played in Drouin so it was a special treat.

I had enjoyed hearing Sarah's new songs over the past year and I knew she was not going to have a CD launch in Melbourne for a while so that was made my mind up to come down for this gig. For a CD named "Home and Heart" the home-town launch is even more important as people who can't make it all the way into Melbourne will be able to come down so I was glad I could make it.

I ended up sitting on the floor for most of the show, but didn't mind my legs falling asleep this time so I could get some good photos. I enjoyed all the songs on the album and was happy to hear the definitive version of Ukulele Bitchfight. Thanks again Sarah and to everyone who performed at the launch and I will see you at the Melbourne launch gig in a couple of months time.


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