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The Evelyn Hotel, Wednesday 5th May 2010

Writer & Director:
Lee Gambin

Lisa Bartolomei
Louise Galofaro
Matthew Hickey
Ally MacNamara as Luellen Wendell
Lee Gambin as Hyena Madrid

As I enjoyed the Batman show last year, I decided to go see this show even though I was busy with work and not planning to go out during the week much.

For the preview show I thought there were quite a few people and I am sure more people have been in since then.

I got a bit of a shock with some of the content, which is saying something as I have enjoyed the previous shows. I also had to censor some of my photos due to content, which I normally never do.

I will have to see how I go while I am working with going to other shows during the week, as long as I prepare well enough I should be fine.

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