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Ian Rilen Tribute

Prince Bandroom
Friday, 6th October 2006
MC Tonny Biggs
with Sean Kelly, Steve Lucas, Maurice Frawley & the Yard Hands, Hoodoo Gurus, The Spazzys, Rose Tattoo
surprise guests Chrissy Amphlett & Billy Thorpe

After all the tsunami benefits last year it seems this year is the year where we have to help ourselves. It sucks that a lot of people are getting sick though but it is good to see how people want to help them given the opportunity.

I have worked out a new plan for going to see shows at the Prince of Wales. Start up at the Pint on Punt, drinks at the St Kilda Bowling Club (cheap!) pop into say hello to Jess and the bar staff at the GPB down the road and finally down to the Prince. Beats waiting down the front at least.

This was the second night of the tribute with a different line up of bands. Although Thursday night sounded great, I would have been dead if I had tried to do both nights. I had to sleep the whole next day as it is and down expect my hearing back until Monday.

MC for the night was Tony Biggs from RRR who wore the shirt Ian Rilen gave him. As it was the more rock oriented night I thought he was a good choice for a host as he was never far from a beer or a smoke for the whole night.

First on the bill was Sean Kelly and band who I had seen around the place and who sounded familiar as I have one of their songs on the Jackson Street Jubilee CD I bought years ago. I thought they were great and were a good band to ease into the night.

Steve Lucas was great as it would have been hard to play on stage just by yourself in this sort of night. Cheers to Joe Murray who I said hello to during his set and Richard Sharman who was also photographing the proceedings.

I had only caught the end of Maurice Frawley & the Yard Hands at the Greyhound a few weeks ago, but they were great. I still remember seeing the Working Class Ringos at the Johnny Cash Tribute a few years ago and this is Maurice Frawley's follow up band.

On any other night the Hoodoo Gurus would have been the highlight of the night. They played excellently and even had an extended set due to Ian feeling ill on the night and not being able to play. Surprise guest was Chrissy Amphlett who sang a song at the end with the band.

The Spazzys played well, but I felt sorry for them being stuck in between the Hoodoo Gurus and Rose Tattoo. I have to say hello to them next time I see them as apart from the 'fake Ally Spazzy' incident at the Cobra Bar in the Tote a couple of years ago I hadn't had the chance. Angry Anderson appreciated them as I saw him stick his head around the corner like a sock puppet for the last couple of songs.

Rose Tattoo were the band a lot of people came to see and you could tell it by the way people seemed to be reserving their appreciation for the other acts. I hadn't seen play live before so I was expecting a Cosmic Psychos style crowd. This didn't eventuate luckily as I was front and centre for most of the set. I would agree with the comment I heard later that it was one of their best shows. I liked seeing people wanting to shake Angry's hand and throwing him smokes rather than slam dancing. As I wanted a break I went to the side of the stage to say hello to Julian Wu, only to have Billy Thorpe appear on stage and sing 'Rock and Roll Outlaw' with the band - fucken! Also Steve Prictor was up to his usual tricks, pouring his stubby over his head to the first bars of 'Bad Boy for Love'.

After the show I did the traditional Topolinos run and even had a Mars Bar cake, which Billy Thorpe didn't think too much of when he came in. At least we agreed on tits (don't ask!) Even though it was late I still stuck my head in the window at the GPB on the way home and said goodnight to Jess and the bar staff while they were packing up. Almost made it back to the Pint on Punt when I finally caught a taxi.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town...

Hoodoo Gurus
Chrissy Amphlett
The Spazzys
Rose Tattoo
Billy Thorpe
Ian Rilen & The Love Addicts

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