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JVG Radio Method - Surf rock-off

with Gamma Rays, Budgie Smugglers and guests
Sunday, 7th October 2007

Steemin' Leemin from the Budgie Smugglers asked me to come and take photos of the Budgie Smugglers so I agreed even though I knew I was going to have a busy weekend. I arrived a bit later than last time, but still saw Ian Bland sitting at the window of the Lomond waving.

To go with the battle of the bands, the theme was battles and Dan Warner had picked a very complicated Rick Wakeman song for his segment. While he was out in the kitchen practising with Dave, Ian did his segment and Henry Wagons was late for this spot. It turned out OK in the end though.

The bands turned up on time and it was difficult fitting them into the studios. Luckily I was also able to squeeze in and take photos of each of their first songs at least.

There was a phone-in poll to decide the winner, with the Budgie Smugglers just getting in front with some (strange) late entries. It was a great day and the two bands have a longer battle at the Greyhound later in the week which should be interesting. I did end up staying for the one drink over at the Lomond, then left to see Sarah down in Fitzroy.

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