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JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon 007

with Marcel Borrack, Jimmy & Donovan, Ian Bland, Shackleton, Suzannah Espie, David Bridie, Phil, Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Sime Nugent, Large No. 12's, Dave Evans, Dan Warner
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 19th August 2007

Arriving at the No. 96 terminus I was surprised to see Ian Bland waving from the window at the Lomond like the Pope on his balcony. As it turns out from where he was sitting he had a commanding view of everyone getting off the tram and all the comings and goings at RRR so it was a good spot to pick for lunch. Ian suggested I go over and wait for JVG, but I knew it was going to be busy over at the station and I didn't want to get in the way too much.

JVG's show was also one of the first gigs in the new performance space so it was great to see how it worked out. As Sarah and Suzannah found out, the floor is very smooth and would be an excellent space for a demonstration by the Australian Women's Roller Derby League if they were so inclined.

Keeping people on their toes was the fact that only JVG had the running order for the first bit, but it mostly worked out as all the performances of spy related songs went very well. Even Chris Wilson and Sarah deciding to combine their songs into the one Lancelot Link related skit and song worked out great in the end. Other highlights included the Large No. 12's song and the big finishing song.

There were definitely jokes that would have been lost on people listening (Marcel Borrack's wig and moustache), but hopefully it sounded as good on the other end as it did in the studio. Tickets for gigs in RRR's new performance space will be a hot item and I am looking forward to some more gigs in the future there myself.

After the gig I went over the road to have a drink with JVG and the crew and then walked down to the Retreat to see the fist set of Shackleton.

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