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JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon Spectacular 2009

RRR Performance Space
with The Futuras, The Mercurials, Dr Pump, Big Kev, Pina Colada, Dale Lindrea, Liz Stringer, GO GO SAPIEN, Henry Wagons, Si Philanthropist, Large No. 12s, Charles Jenkins, Dan Warner & his big band
Sunday 23rd August 2009

I had missed JVG's Radiothon special last year and was looking forward to this show twice as much as last time.

After last week's efforts by all the bands it was going to have to be good to top it, I am happy to report that all the bands did great and there are a few new bands I am going to see now as a result of it.

It was funny at the start when I was the only one in the performance space until Suzannah and Jacinta Parsons came in.

There were heaps of people in and around the station today, but I did manage to get in and out of the studio also except for Liz Stringer where there were too many people and I did want to bump her on the way in.

JVG and co. will have to pull a big one out of the hat at BBQ day this year to top this one, I have already booked the first Sunday in December in anticipation.

Oh yes, hopefully lots of people rang up during the show and afterwards to subscribe.

The Vanguards

JVG Guitar Method

Lomond Hotel, Sunday 23rd August 2009

I wanted to stay for this gig after the big Radiothon show as I rushed off last time and regretted it. I hadn't seen JVG's band since 2007 and was interested in seeing how the new lineup is going.

The new songs are great and I enjoyed the trio of songs related to Punt Rd. Mark Ferrie and Dale Lindrea also got to do some songs, but Dale kept asking if it was the "love microphone"?

Topping off the day was a couple who renewed their wedding vows before the second set, which JVG officiated.

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