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JVG Radio Method RRR Radiothon Spectacular 2010

with Barb Waters, Craig Pilkington, Dave Evans, Ian Bland, Ed Bates, Ash Naylor, Kerri Simpson, Pumpy, Stephen Cummings, Mark Ferrie, Andrew Pendlebury, Large Number 12s, Wolfgramm Sisters, Marcel Borrack, Mini Bikes, Adam Simmons, Sarah Carroll, Dan Warner
RRR Performance Space, Sunday 22nd August 2010

Even though I was still tired from the last few days I was looking forward to this show and wouldn't have missed it for anything. As I am usually very busy during the show I subscribed last week so I could concentrate on taking photos.

Unfortunately I missed Barb Waters' CD launch last month as I was still recovering from the Community Cup weekend the week before, but it was great to see her again playing with Craig Pilkington. I was surprised no one else wanted Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots as it is a great song live.

Ian Bland continued with his poem from last week and I thought it was a funny ending.

Ash Naylor played great and even managed to fill in on the drums, I will have to go see Even soon.

Kerri Simpson and Pumpy's song was also excellent and there could have easily been more Bowie songs on the bill.

Stephen Cummings was joined by Ed Bates, Andrew Pendlebury, Mark Merrie and Cal McAlpine to do a classic rockabilly tune. Little green men sabotaged the performance and they had to have a second go.

The Large Number 12s were great as always and Horse even fooled around for the camera, which he also did at the Espy at the Maurice Frawley tribute. Afterwards they talked to JVG about the night and the launch at the Goornong pub should be good, but I don't know if I can make it.

I was lucky enough to see the sound check for the Wolfgramm Sisters song "Science Fiction" so I was looking forward to it for most of the day. I did try to get a family photo for Talei, but little Miro didn't feel like it (RRR BBQ day hopefully).

Waiting for Pumpy and Marcel to start I thought another pre-record was playing as there had been a few, luckily I went to check again and found Kerri Simpson and friends doing a version of the Carpenters "Calling Occupants" in the studio with the Wolfgramm Sisters coming in at the end.

Pumpy and Marcel's song was excellent and I look forward to seeing the Bay of Pigs and the Mini Bikes again. Hopefully Pumpy can host JVG's show again soon.

Marcel and the Mini Bikes super band was joined by Sarah Carroll, Craig Pilkington and Adam Simmons to do a version of 2001's "Thus Spake Zarathustra".

Finishing off the day was Dan Warner doing Rocket Man with the Wolfgramm Sisters and friends.

It was a great day and even though I had planned to go to the Tote afterwards, it would have just been greedy to want any more from the weekend. I am looking forward to RRR BBQ Day already and it will be here sooner than you know it given how busy I have been this year.


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