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Jeff Lang

with Suzannah Espie and Charles Jenkins
East Brunswick Club, Saturday 11th September 2010

Apart from festival shows and seeing him play at other people's gigs, it had been six years since I had been to one of Jeff Lang's gigs. It had been so long I still thought Ali was doing his mixing for all his shows.

Suzannah played heaps of new songs and also did a few with Charles Jenkins, which were great and I am looking forward to her new album.

I hadn't actually heard the song Charles Jenkins wrote about the Pure Pop Courtyard, but I remember the day quite well as I couldn't get in either. At least something good came out of it and I will have to get down there to see him in the future. I wish people would have stopped the jibber-jabber during Suzannah and Charle's sets as it was just rude.

I was surprised to see Jeff Lang just playing by himself and a drummer, it worked well I thought and the songs stood by themselves. I was a bit tired towards the end so I watched the last part from up the back. It was a good show though and I look forward to seeing Jeff in the future.


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