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Johnny & Alicia at the Pint on Punt

Friday, 10th February, 2006

Sometimes you don't appreciate things that you get to do regularly and it is with this thought I went to see Johnny & Alicia play at the Pint on Punt this week. I was looking forward to them this week after having to go home for a lie down and not making it back last Friday.

Also after the performance he gave at his buck's turn, I wanted to see if Johnny had recovered enough to play by a week afterwards. I shouldn't have worried as he played fine even with the cricket and Super 14's rugby to contend with.

Even though Johnny tends to get the most attention, Alicia has a very good voice and it is a lot different when just Johnny plays. I would like to see if they have any original songs one time as they played three sets of covers which is a lot to do.

I wasn't able to stay for the last set, but I am sure they went fine and everyone went home happy. Hopefully I will be able to stay for all three sets in the future or drop in to see the last part of their show.

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