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2007 Karaoke Oscars

Greyhound Hotel
Sunday, 11th March 2007
Hosted by Fred Negro and Johnny Down the Pint

Singers: George E Bean, Deb & Peter, Ewan, Bongo Womble, Amanda, Carla, Jeff the Butcher, Melinda, Frank Lee Earnest, Dale


Best Pants-Down Performance - Mitch
Best Duet - Teagan & Kate
Best Bar Staff - Mandy
Best Performance by a Stalwart - Sean Kelly forgetting the words to a Models song
Best Stage Invasion - George Public Bar (not enough Pint on Punt people this time)
Best New Talent - Dirty Kirty
Best Lofty - Other
Best Rat Girl - Kim
King of Karaoke - Damien Spawn of the Devil
Lifetime Achievement Award - Steve Prictor
Queen of Karaoke - Mia & Teagan, Mia wins in a sing-off

Karaoke at the Greyhound was the first thing I used to go to when I started going out to gigs. If I had not gone to it I would have never heard Steve Prictor playing the Prayerbabies in the breaks and gone to see them and other bands.

On what was meant to be the last Karaoke Oscars at the Greyhound and the third-last karaoke, I think it is best to let the photos speak for themselves as it was a great night.

There was a short set of normal karaoke at the start of the night also.

I did try to help the Pint on Punt with for "best stage invasion", but not enough people turned up from the pub.

Whatever happens in the future, I hope Johnny Down the Pint and Fred continue to do karaoke together as it seems as shame to waste the talent they have for it and Johnny's new collection of karaoke CDs is really good.

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