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Karaoke Oscars 2008

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 23rd March 2008

Best Newcomer - Steve from the Pint's Karaoke
Best Performance by a stalwart - Steve Lucas and Frank Lee Earnest singing "I got you babe"
Best Rock Performance - Peter
Best Clayton - Clayton
Best Bar Staff - Katie
Best Tits in the audience - Jade, Deb, Caro, Jackie and Lisa Tonks
Best Duo - Damien and Mia
Best Steve Prictor - Steve Prictor

Karaoke returned to the band room for the first time in ages for this night of nights. I bought down the rest of my Easter eggs and a giant chocolate rabbit to contribute to the prizes. Unfortunately Jackie was sick on the night so Johnny down the Pint filled in her role.

It was good to see some old the old crew back for the awards and I ended up staying for all the awards due to the holiday next day. I did get hit by Fred's horsey and Johnny's trident early in the night but they were generally well behaved as was the crowd with only one stage invasion.

There weren't as many votes this year but that just means the people who really wanted to vote put them in this time so the awards pretty much went to the people who deserved them any way.

I am sure everyone had a good time and had to be forcibly removed at 1am when they turned on the house lights.

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