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2005 Kodak Autumn Salon Launch

Centre for Contemporary Photography Re-Opening
Thursday, 29th April 2005

I first saw the poster for this exhibition on the tram one day and decided to enter it just to see how it would go. I approached the opening night with the same enthusiasm and had a really good time as a result.

I have heard of the band before, but they were really busy so I didn't get to ask them their name on the night. I will be looking for them in the future though.

There were heaps of people there when I arrived just after six and everyone seemed to be having a really good time. Both the lines at the bar and the catering stands were really long as I expected.

I stayed to hear the speeches, but I couldn't hear them that well outside the marquee. After they opened the roller door, everyone out on the street went into the gallery and I just went in to have a look. I was surprised to see my photo used in the catalogue (they spelt my name wrong though - GRRR!) I am going to go back on the weekend to have a look at the other photos. They are stacked floor to ceiling so there is a lot to look at.

My favourite was the "self portrait" which has a horrified mother catching her son "in the act" while he is looking at a dirty magazine (from the point of view of the teenage boy.)

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