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Kooky Karaoke

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 11th January 2009

Thanks to John and Jackie I was able to get a cab down to St Kilda in time for Kooky Karaoke. If I had been by myself I would have had to tram it and missed at least half the songs.

The Joelenes who had been playing that day at the Greyhound did the first song. A lot of bands don't end up staying so it was great to see. They also stayed to have some drinks with friends later.

A few of the regulars did their songs, but as I had a course I was going to the next day, I left not long after the "Magic Numbers Song" that Fred and Johnny do each karaoke (it's a big production number now.) I also liked the Yakety Sax/Benny Hill music after the raffle draw even though Johnny ended up stuffed after running around so much.

I have heard that the karaoke is going to moved into an even smaller temporary bar during the renovations, which would be fun to see. My favourite photos from a family Christmas are from the time when my parents were doing the same thing.

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