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Jackie Marshall Ladies' Luck CD Launch

with Samantha Wass, The Dufranes
Edinburgh Castle, Friday 28th May 2008

I hadn't seen Jackie Marshall since she played at Nymagee so I was looking forward to her CD launch as I didn't know when she would be down next.

2007 was the last time I had been to the Edinburgh Castle, but it was during the day and not an evening show. It sure was hot in the band room, phew!

I thought Samantha Wass played well, even though a some in the audience were talking too loudly.

For some reason I hadn't seen the Dufranes before, I thought they went OK but it wasn't the best venue for them.

Jackie Marshall had a good band I thought and started off slowly, building up to a powerful finish that had be cut short unfortunately due to being cut off at midnight. It was a good night and cheers to Tazz who I showed the Nymagee photo album to.


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