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Large No. 12's at the Pint on Punt

Sunday, 23rd July 2006

I had meant to go to a gig in Brunswick today, but as I have been sick all weekend and have an ear infection, I decided to end my trip at the Pint on Punt as I would have had at least another hour to get up to Brunswick and waiting in the city for the No.19 tram in the cold and wet.

Stephanie took the opportunity to enjoy her "Cher's Greatest Hits" CD as Toby, Summo & John would take it off when they came in. The regulars for the Large No. 12's gigs also came in and started to dry out.

Thankfully John put the gas-jet heater on so people could warm up a bit more (the Marquis of Lorne would be great on a day like this) and various members of the Violent Mood Swings turned up to get their gear from last night.

I rarely stay for both sets of the Large No. 12's these days (it is better during daylight savings as it is still light when they finish), so I left everyone to it once they finished their first set. I am sure everyone had fun and I am going to see the band I missed in a couple of week's time.

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