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Large No.12's First Residency for 2006

Pint on Punt
Sunday, 26th February, 2006

Towards the end of last year, whatever I was doing on a Sunday afternoon I would always make sure to end up at the Pint on Punt for at least one set of the 12's as it was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Over the summer I have still been going to the Pint on Punt, but there has definitely been something missing. I was really looking forward to seeing how the Large No.12's had gone over the break and a couple of false starts back only made me look forward to them more.

As it turned out I had been invited to another gig in the city later so I could only see one set anyway. Further entertainment for the day was provided by the drummer forgetting their first show was this week and getting drunk (they had to get a stand-in) and also the band going out to rescue a stranded motorist when he car stalled on Punt Rd.

There was a smaller crowd than usual for one of their gigs, but I am sure it will be much bigger next week and the place will be packed to the gunwales on the Labour Day weekend and during the Commonwealth Games.

If you haven't been to see any bands in Melbourne on a Sunday, I would recommend seeing the Large No. 12's. Pull up stool at the bar, talk to Corey, get something to eat and drink lots and you will have a great time.

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