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The Libertine Revue

presented by La Lola Salon & Miss Libertine
Miss Libertine
Saturday, 28th April 2007

Running order:
Kitty Conquest & Elizabeth
La Viola Vixen
Kitty Conquest
Melbourne Ingénue Graduates
Intermezzo 2
Lililth Quinine
Madame Pearl
La Viola Vixen & Lady Liane
Lola Montez

Also featuring:
Swing Patrol Dancers, Tickled Pink, Vada

Lola the Vamp invited me to this show after I saw her perform at Burlesque Idol during the comedy festival. It was the first time I had seen her perform so I wanted to go see her again. I ended up arriving a bit too early and had to sit around for 2&1/2 hours out the back, although I did get to see the dancers doing one last run through their routines (I did take photos, but will not be posting them.)

This event presented by La Lola Salon and Miss Libertine was to showcase the students graduating from Lola the Vamp's burlesque classes and a launch of sorts for the venue. The theme of the 1920s was appropriate and there were loads of slapper girls and gangsters about. The MC had a great suit on, but he should have gotten on stage more to announce the acts.

There were loads of great performances, with the standouts being Kitty Conquest and Madame Pearl. Hopefully they will be performing around at other shows in the future to give those young upstarts a run for their money.

Lola the Vamp performing as Lola Montez doing her Spider Dance was great also. Both times I have taken photos of her so far she has given me at least one smouldering look straight down the barrel of my camera, I don't even know how she knows where I am as it was quite dark in the audience.

In between acts I wandered around to check out the venue. It has a strange sort of inside-outside vibe with the brick building that houses the toilets having a dance room upstairs with a light-up dance floor.

I also enjoyed the Swing Patrol Dancers, Tickled Pink (I missed them dancing on the bar - doh!) and the jazz band Vada who performed towards the end of the night. The party was still continuing when I left at 1am, but I had the Good Shepherd's Circus Pie Classic to go to the next day and didn't want to be out too late.

It was a great night, but next time I am not going to turn up so early. I will also try to dress up and get in on the fun a bit more.


Other people's photos from the night:
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