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Life on Mars?

Benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with MC Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, Jordie Lane, Beau Heartbreaker, Wes Snelling, Claire Jenkins, Clare Bowditch, Aurora Kurth, Axis of Awesome, Geraldine Quinn, Tim Minchin, Andrew McLelland, Stephen Gates, The Audreys, Elana Stone, Kristy Burn, Simon Hall, Scott Brennan, Ali McGregor, The Suitcase Royale with Sveta Dobranoch, Flap!, Tripod, Astrid Rot
Trades Hall, Saturday 18th April 2009

Set list:
Scott Edgar - Diamond Dogs
Jordie Lane - Rebel Rebel
Beau Heartbreaker - Starman
Wes Snelling - Rock & Roll Suicide
Claire Jenkins - Andy Warhol
Defah Dattner, Clare Bowditch and Aurora Kurth - Changes
Axis of Awesome - Magic Dance
Geraldine Quinn - Life on Mars?
Tim Minchin - Space Oddity
Andrew McLelland - Ziggy Stardust
Steven Gates - Suffragette City
The Audreys (Taasha Coates) - Wild is the Wind
Kirsty Burn - Sweet Thing
Simon Hall - Five Years
Elana Stone - Young Americans
Geraldine Quinn & Scott Brennan - Under Pressure
Ali McGregor - Moonage Daydream
The Suitcase Royale with Sveta Dobranoch - John, I'm Only Dancing
Flap! - Let's Dance
Tripod - Ashes to Ashes
Astrid Rot - Heroes

There's a very good reason why a ticket to this show was the first thing that I bought during the comedy festival. Having been to the last two and knowing that you couldn't be sure who was actually going to turn up on the night, you don't want to find out later and be kicking yourself. I also liked the past two and the show is one of the highlights of my year now let alone the comedy festival.

David Bowie has lots of songs so it would have been difficult to come up with a set list and get people to learn their song in the short time they had to prepare for the night. I was surprised by some of the musicians also as I didn't even know they were in town at the time (at least one travelled from interstate just for the show.)

Thanks to Casey Bennetto and Scott Edgar for organising such a good night and for Casey getting everyone to stand up about six songs in (was a directive of management), which meant I could manage to get to a better spot to take more photos. I don't know why people want to sit on the floor during gigs, if you've been in some of the venues I have the floor is the last place you want to be near.

I thought the friendly rivalry was funny with Tim Minchin complaining that Geraldine Quinn had stolen his thunder, he couldn't complain too much as he had Space Oddity and did an excellent job on it.

Even though the show is later in the festival, there are quite a few acts I would consider going to see because of it and also the bands I have to catch up with again when they are playing around town.

The audience sung along with most of the songs, some people with in an English accent. The performers all had their own spin on David Bowie's songs and they all worked great together. It was great to see some things you thought couldn't be topped, like Ali McGregor singing "Moonage Daydream" and then have the The Suitcase Royale with Sveta Dobranoch performing "John, I'm Only Dancing" with all the feathers sexy Russian accents that involved.

It was such a good show that none of the audience wanted it to finish and they wanted them to go again, it was already 2am by this stage so I thought it was enough myself. Thanks to the lighting tech for giving me the running order and cheers to Casey who I said hello to after the show and Andrew McLelland and Jordie Lane who asked me about my pizza outside Trades Hall.

Bonus commemorative mosaic of the night:


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