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Lil' Fi & The Junes

Retreat Hotel
Sunday, 23rd April, 2006

Battered chips on a stick!

The Junes only played one show in Melbourne last year (as well as their performances at the Queenscliff Festival), so I knew the night was going to be special. This weekend they also played at Dean's Marsh and up at Cobram and had some funny stories to tell of that night in particular.

I have seen Lil' Fi supporting other bands recently, but it has been quite a while since I saw her perform by herself. It was good to see her perform the songs from her Magic Door CD as had wondered what they would sound like. Supporting her on the day were Andy Bogle on piano-accordion/harmonica and Andrew "Big Boy Lemonade" on keyboards.

As they played the night before in Cobram, I believe that the Junes drove straight down that afternoon after recovering from the Yagerbombs (shot of Yagermeister in a pot of Red Bull) and they arrived a little way into Lil' Fi's second set.

The room filled up remarkably quickly as lots of people who used to come see GIT at the same venue turned up to see the show. I even managed to get up to dance for one song (Yvette), thanks to Ali (no poking me in the belly this time.)

Seeing as the Comedy Festival is on in Melbourne at the moment, it was good to see Anthony Morgan taking some time out to see the band. There were lots of laughs from stories Sarah told about their Cobram gig, "dry humping", the best-dressed man competition and even Andrew "Big Boy Lemonade" playing Brittney Spears.

This was one of my favourite gigs so far this year. It is a pity they can't do a residency at the Retreat as I am sure they would pack the place out every week. I don't know when they will be playing again, but I am sure to be there even if I have to take another day off to do so.

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