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Matt Gresham, Tonchi McIntosh & MCJAEZED, Clint & Kat

Lomond Hotel, Thursday 28th May 2009

It's been quite a while since someone played on JVG's show who was so out of the blue that I felt I had to go see them straight away, so it was annoying to have to wait almost a whole week to go see Matt Gresham, but at least it meant I was looking forward to it.

I arrived early to see Clint and Kat playing their old-timey tunes. I thought they went great and it was good of them to cover for Tonchi and co running late even if they thought people were talking too loud.

The last time I saw him was two years ago, so I was surprised Tonchi remembered me (just after I took a photo of MCJAEZED sticking his tongue out), they had a gig earlier that night and were running late. It was still good to see them though and a good comparison as I had recently been to see another band who does a song about the Anzacs and Tonchi's is much better (the other band had their instruments too loud and I couldn't hear the lyrics.)

As I wanted to get the tram all the way home and had to make a connection in the city, I only got to see Matt Gresham play a few songs, it was worth it though as it only took one song for him to win the crowd over. MCJAEZED joined him for a song, which also went down great. I could still hear him singing when I was across the road and inside the tram with the doors closed, so I am sure everyone had fun and whooped it up later.

I would count this gig more as a preview to seeing Matt do a proper gig over in Victoria in a few months time, he is well worth going to see and I am sure he will get lots of people on word of mouth alone or even people from Western Australia as there were a few people who came to see him as they had been to see his shows already.


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