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Rob Luckey & the Lucky Bastards

Lomond Hotel, Saturday 30th May 2009

The last time I saw Rob Luckey play I ended up taking more photos of Acey and Zoe, but luckily this time Acey was busy and Glenny Rae Virus was playing with them instead. I was originally going to see the band at the Greyhound, but as Ian Bland was playing the next day I decided to go a day early so I could see both shows.

Another special guest for this show was Garrett Costigan, who was also appreciated by a lot of people at the gig.

There were heaps of people at the gig and lots of dancing, but I only ended up staying until midnight and from what I heard the show went quite late. I am sure everyone had a good time and I look forward to seeing Glenny again when she comes down to play with the Junes.


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