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Long Gone Whistle CD Launch - A Tribute to Maurice Frawley

MC Brian Nankervis, Large Number 12s, The Frawleys, Billy Pommer Jnr, Clare Bowditch, Henry Wagons, Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Dan Brodie, Dan Kelly, Tom Carolyn, Megan Washington, Tim Rogers, Billy Miller, Renee Geyer, Spencer P. Jones, Adalita, Tex Perkins, The Panics, Working Class Ringos
The Espy, Thursday 19th August 2010

I go to see so many bands these days it's hard to get back to see some people for a couple of years sometimes, I still remember the last time I saw Maurice Frawley play was in 2008 at Dan Warner's Night Parrots CD launch at the Corner Hotel. I remember it as I ended up having a chicken roll while sitting on the back steps just outside the stage door talking to Maurice about bands and life in general.

Wes and Horse had invited me down to the tribute gig the week before and I had been enjoying the songs from the tribute CD on the radio. I had pre-ordered the CD, but it didn't arrive until the day of the gig so I hadn't had the chance to listen to it in full. I had not expected Brian Nankervis to be MCing and I have been seeing him around the place a bit recently so it was good to say hello.

It was great to see the Large Number 12s on a big stage for once with a lot more people than get to see them usually. I sometimes forget about the other bands Charlie Owen has played in as I first met him playing with the Twelves and I haven't really had the chance to see him play with anyone else.

The Frawleys band was great and I wish they had a few more songs on the night. I know they will be playing at the country launch, but I can't make it up to that unfortunately.

There were so many people on the bill it is hard to describe each one individually. Adalita's song is one of my favourites on the tribute album and I liked her performance on the night. It was funny to see Horse sneaking on stage with Tim Rogers and Billy Miller also.

I had to work the next day so I didn't stay to see the other bands that were playing out the front or go down to see the Bittersweet Kicks. As it happened I could not help myself and had to have a quick look through the photos, meaning that I had to leave work early the next day due to tiredness, it was worth it though.

My photos from Maurice's gigs:
with Working Class Ringos at the Johnny Cash Tribute at the Espy 2003
out the back of the Corner 2004
with the Yard Hands at the Ian Rilen Tribute 2006
with the Yard Hands at Dan Warner's Night Parrots CD launch at the Corner 2003


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