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Large Number 12s - Long Train Ride CD Launch

with Dan Warner & Kev Garant, Penny Ikinger, Joel Silbersher, Spencer P Jones
Corner Hotel, Friday 8th May 2009

I hadn't seen the Large Number 12s play since last year so I was looking forward to this gig, especially since Horse asked me to come and take photos at their CD launch and I had sent them some photos to use on their new CD. Before the show I ran into Ian Bland and friend wandering the streets looking for a pub that had Guinness on tap. From what I heard it was on tap at the beer garden upstairs, I don't know if they know this as yet.

It was interesting to see so many support acts on the bill, but they only had a few songs each this time so I will have to go see them all again some time to see more of their songs. I haven't actually been to see Spencer P Jones as yet so I will have to do it in the future as he got one of the better reactions of the supporting acts.

Between acts I walked around looking to see which of the regulars from the Large Number 12s gigs had made it to the CD launch. Hello to everyone I saw on the night and I am sure there were heaps of other people I didn't see up the back.

I am used to seeing the Large Number 12s at the Pint or in the front bar of a pub so it is very rare they get the chance to play up on a stage. They bought along their old battered amps and liked the suggestion that they could have bought the old EMINAR P.A. along for effect, but it is too heavy to lug around (it was at the Pint for three years at one stage.)

A measure of a good Large Number 12s gig is how many women are dancing up the front and if everyone is singing along, both were displayed in abundance and even I sang along to some of their songs as everyone else was. There were a couple of special guests during their set and hopefully the video that Jake Negro shot during the show came up OK.


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