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The Longnecks

with Runaway Boys R.I.P, Yves Klein Blue
Ding Dong, Saturday 16th February 2008

In a first for me everyone else knew the band the Living End were playing as a the Longnecks and I only heard of it when my friend rang up and asked me to take her to the show. As it turned out the first match for the Victorian Roller Derby League and the Pub Olympics were on the same day, but I had to miss one of them to go and it couldn't be helped.

I thought I was going to be late, but when I got there the doors hadn't even opened so I got to say hello to Sambo and Llama and was one of the first through the door as it turned out.

The Runaway Boys R.I.P were up first and were very well received by the early crowd. It was the first time I had seen them since their show at Route 66 early last year and I thought they went well. My friend turned up towards their end of their set so she at least got to see a couple of their songs this time.

I hadn't heard of Yves Klein Blue before, but I thought they went alright. Hopefully they do well in the future and get to do a tour of their own. I think it was the lead singer who accidentally kicked me in the leg after the show when he was dancing, but he did apologise for it.

As I thought it was going to be rough up the front, I went off to the side of the stage for the Longnecks set. The best part of the night was being able to go get my friend two songs in so she could stand right at the front of the stage to watch them.

I don't really know why the Living End decided to play under a different name as everyone knew it was them even before they announced the tour. They did play all new songs they were testing for a new album, but most of the crowd could already sing along to them as they had to been to at least one of their other gigs on the tour from what I heard. For the encore they did play some Living End songs which was much appreciated.

After the show my friend asked me to wait around so she could get some things signed and photos taken with the Living End which I was happy to do for her as she really likes them.


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