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Luau Cowboys at Pint on Punt

Friday, 15th September 2006

Since the film festival a couple of months ago I hadn't been going to the Pint as much to see bands as I wanted to have a rest. It was good to see a country style band playing on Friday as it has been more rock bands playing.

Also my friend came down for the first time in ages and we went to see the Casino Rumblers at the Espy later on. The Luau Cowboys were great and play country classics in a Hawaiian style. I have seen a few of them playing in their other band the Moonee Valley Drifters, but that was a couple of years ago now.

There was a noisy crowd in the back of the pub watching the footy, but I just stayed up the front and even had a dance with Ilana during one song. Next week the Clip Clop Club are playing an early set and hopefully I can come down straight from work.

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