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Machine Gun Fellatio

Esplanade Hotel
with Mousemoon & The Town Bikes
Saturday, 16th April 2005


Rather than go straight to the Espy, I decided to call into the Pint on Punt and say hello to Corey and the other bar staff. In the kitchen Corey showed me the "Peng Peng" Indonesian hot sauce he bought in Footscray, it was really good and only cost $1.45 for a reasonable sized bottle.

Down at the Espy I decided to wait outside rather than in the line and was sitting at one of the tables out the front when I saw a taxi pull up and Carla & Gabi from the Town Bikes get out. It was one of the highlights of the night as usually I am already inside the venue when people I know from the bands arrive. I also got to play "Big Daddy" and give them each a kiss on the cheek/head.

Mousemoon where already playing when I got in and slithered my way to the front (a silk shirt or a tub of BOY BUTTER is useful here.) One of the members on the band was cutting up fairy bread and pouring out a jug of red cordial. I hadn't heard of this band before, but they played really well and interacted with the crowd in the good way.

The Town Bikes got to do two dances in a row. The first was the new-and-improved milk maid routine using the squeaky hammers that Carla had shown me before. I also liked the Cake routine as it really suited the night. I did get to record both of their dances, but the first one was zoomed in so you can't see as much.

Leading up to Machine Gun Fellatio coming on, the tennis-roadies started setting up and on the big screen there was a mix of dodgy porn movies, motorbike/motocross/rally crashes and other weird films. The Twits do something similar when they play (with Russ Meyer films), but the footage MGF used really suited them. It also reminded me of the time they hosted RAGE and put on all the naughty videos.

The last time I had seen Machine Gun Fellatio was New Year's Eve 2000 in the same room. Over five years they have really expanded their range and are now touring as a rock band/cabaret show/love machine and have heaps of fans. There were a lot of people in the audience I wouldn't normally expect to see at the Espy (much like when Hayseed Dixie played there.) I would estimate that there would have been at least 800 people in the Gerswhin Room as you literally could not move from the place you ended up.

Luckily I was drunk as I was standing right up against one of the speaker stacks (which was good for getting photos of KK JUGGY at least.) I had heard most of the songs they played in the set, but there were some others that were interesting that haven't received much airplay.

The song they played for the first encore was "Let me be your dirty fucking whore" sung by KK JUGGY. I was surprised to find out was a traditional cabaret type song. The audience sang along so it must be a favourite of theirs. After seeing a couple of songs in the encore up the front, I slithered up the back to behind the mixing desk so I wouldn't have to be in the way of the crowd exodus.

I was going to try and talk to the band after the show, but they were all busy. I did get to say hello to Esther and a couple of the other members of Mousemoon. They seem really nice and I will try to look out for them in the future.

It was a great night, part rock concert, cabaret show, rave and love-in all in one. If Machine Gun Fellatio turn up in your city I would definitely recommend going as you will have a really good time.

Tim Chmielewski

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