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Mach Pelican Farewell Show

with The Shimmys, The Volcanics & The Spazzys
The Tote, Saturday 25th August 2007

"Walking along! Singing a song! Walking in Mach Pelican wonderland!"

It was a happy night as although people might have been sad that Mach Pelican were leaving, they wanted to give them a really good send off and the crowd was very boisterous and enthusiastic with dozens of crowd surfers including Mach Pelican themselves, the Spazzys and K Rock's missus.

I had enjoyed the Shimmys CD launch a few weeks ago, so I was looking forward to seeing them and I thought they played well having the difficult task of being the first band on.

I went out to the front bar a couple of times during the night to check if anyone I knew was out there, one time bumping into Lush, Steely and Chris from the Twits who turned up on the night and couldn't get in. Luckily I bought my ticket a couple of weeks ago as I knew it was going to sell out. The Volcanics from Perth were next up and I thought they played well.

Everyone seemed to turn up just as the Spazzys were starting and the 'Pelican Bar' onstage started up during their set also. I hadn't seen the Spazzys since the Community Cup, so it was great to see them again.

After waiting people make for a while so they would want them more, Mach Pelican walked onto stage to cheers and chanting from the audience. Special mention must go to the punter who made up the "Mach Pelican Forever" scarves as they were great and will be very in demand in the future as something to remember the night by.

Hopefully someone else managed to get a set list as Mach Pelican must have done every single song in their repertoire one after the other with barely a chance to rest. There were two encores with their very last song being Gigantor after the roadies had fixed up the amp that Atsu knocked over as he got too excited.

I know they are playing one more gig in Japan, but most people are not going to be lucky enough to get to it. Best of luck to the members of Mach Pelican in their future endeavours.


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