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Mal Webb

with Special guest Willow Stahlut
Bar303, Monday 1st June 2009

Even though I had been busy on the weekend, I still wanted to go to this gig as I last saw Mal Webb just before Christmas last year and wanted to see him again. I hadn't been to Bar303 before and also wanted to check it out as it is next door to the Northcote Social Club and I had been there a few times.

It was true there was only me and one other person at the gig at the start, so it doesn't really matter what Mal and Willow did at the start. I thought it was a good opportunity for them to have a practise and test out new material together before they play overseas. I liked Willow's violin parts and she had to play several parts in songs she had never played before.

I got to request the two songs I was interested in (Tim Tam Slam, Laksa) and also heard the 'Rooster Tree Song' that Mal had mentioned. Carrots were handed out during 'Carrot' and I got to work the fader knob during 'Drop'. As it turned out there were a few more people by the end of the gig and I am sure everyone had a good time. Hopefully Mal and Willow have a good time overseas and I look forward to seeing them later in the year.


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