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Marcel Borrack CD launch

with The Yearlings, Sime Nugent & special guests
East Brunswick Club
Saturday, 13th May 2006

I had been looking forward to this show as I hadn't seen Marcel Borrack since Suzannah Espie's CD launch and I had enjoyed Marcel's CDs and wanted to see him with a full band in support. RRR FM has been playing a lot of his songs so I was sure there would be a lot of people there and there was.

For some reason I thought the East Brunswick Club was at 180 Lygon St and only the No.1 tram went up that far, so it took me a bit longer to get up there than I thought. It's got a good sized front room and the band room is very long also.

The Yearlings were up first and I thought they were great as always. I still remember when Robyn was in Problem Pony and they played a set with GIT at the Old Colonial (a few years ago now.)

It's hard to believe that I hadn't seen Sime Nugent play since the Town Bike's "Appetite for Variety" show in 2004, but it's true. I liked his band also as he had some great people playing support including Grant Costigan on pedal steel.

Before Marcel Borrack started it was good to see that someone came around and told everyone to stand up so more people could come in from the back as it would have been annoying otherwise. I didn't have any trouble with people talking during the show (I was up the front), but there was someone who asked "who is he singing about?" during the song Gone Too Soon - DUH!

It was also funny to see that Marcel already has setlist nerds, I hope they don't annoy him too much in the future. Special guests along with the Little Champs backing band included Barb Waters and Chris & Robyn from the Yearlings.

Thanks to Dan Warner who gave me a lift to the city (I was worried how much a taxi would be). I ended up having supper in Chinatown and got home just in time to watch the penalty shootout of the FA Cup.

It was a great new venue and I am definitely going to try and get to more shows there starting with the Bedroom Philosopher in a couple of week's time. I hope it kicks on and lots of people go to see bands there.

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